Flare Pants

What’s up, haters?

Today we are back with a new trend to criticise. Actually, the trend itself is not so new – it was introduced in 1970s and was worn pretty much all the time until skinny jeans were brought into the fashion world. And guess what – it’s back again!

Little disasters, which we talked about in the previous post, at least can gradually fade away from bloggers minds but flared pants seem to have been stuck in the same place for more than 40 years.

Let’s embarrass Rachel Bilson for a second, whose current style we actually quiet like, in order to prove our point.

UntitledRachel Bilson and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson on MTV's TRL

This is her look for MTV’s TRL in 2004. Really, there was no need to show you this terrible outfit because we are sure that every single one of you had that moment in your life (childhood, teenage years or adulthood) when flare jeans were your everyday jeans. Scary memory, isn’t? Thank God, skinny jeans found their way to our closets, most girls would say. But not these bloggers.

andy copy

Andy Torres, for example, is really into the flare jeans. Obviously, they are more ’70s style than the later variations. However, it doesn’t change the fact that these jeans distort natural woman’s figure. Many fashionistas claim that this shape flatters the legs because it makes them seem longer. But we would argue that it does so in a weird cartoonish way. Well, at least, Andy has naturally long legs, and so her shoes peak at the bottom of jeans.

flare copy

Jacqueline Rose, says it herself, her legs aren’t long enough for the pants and so she has to wear high heels. The obvious issue here is that the shoes, which are a REALLY important part of any outfit, simply disappear in this kind of pants. You might see this as an opportunity to wear your not so pretty pair of shoes but don’t jump to conclusions. You see, you will most likely have to buy new high heels to fit your pants because the heel has to be precisely the right height (unless you wish to wear ankle length flare pants).

Sandra Hagelstam is a third example of this old/new trend. Honestly, we believe that this trend needs another 10 years in order to be fresh and adapted to  the new fashion era. Most other trends, which came from the past, such as crop tops, haven’t been taken directly but somehow modified and adapted to ‘newer’ fashion. All in all, flare pants still look very old fashioned despite bloggers’ attempts to revive them over and over again.

Flare Pants

Mini bags

Hi haters,

This glorious day, we, are posting our first blog post, full of fair criticism and just a tiny bit of cynicism. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

The topic was inspired by one of ours Christmas present, which was a mini bag from an expensive brand. Mini bags seem to be the new trend, mainly introduced by famous  fashion bloggers but widely adapted by the masses. Our question here is – is it a trend or simply a way to have a fancy bag for a price of a wallet? Let’s be straight forward, this ain’t a clutch (and even those are bigger!), it’s definitely a bag but the kind which you can’t fit your wallet in. It’s the kind of bag which requires you to carry another, bigger bag.


These are the examples of some bloggers, who decided that this trend must go viral. A blogger Gala Gonzalez, who has more than 30 000 followers, seems to have seriously fallen for these tiny disasters. She has plenty of looks on her blog, featuring different colours, styles and brands. Moreover, she also decided to use a an iPhone case as a bag! Who carries your money, Gala?

Stay unfashionable,

The Rude Minds


Mini bags