Dear Charlotte Fisher,

Hello Haters!

Today is the first time when we are going to dedicate whole blog post for ONE blogger. Is she so horrible you ask? No not really, not the worst out there for sure. However, she is the only one which drew our attention by blocking us on Twitter! (By the way if you’re not following us on Twitter yet, you’re missing out!

Therefore, today we are talking about Charlotte Fisher, Things I do, think and buy owner. This very ‘fluffy and pink’ (as she describes herself) girl has especially inspired us with her last post. Charlotte says that her style is ‘hardly anything racy or suggestive’ and that people’s judgmental looks are based completely on their small-mindedness. We would never dare to judge anyone for being brave or adventurous with their style choices but dear Charlotte, your skirts are very short, crop tops very cropped and the great amounts of fluff you put on makes overall result look more cheap and suggestive than cute.


This seems to be Charlotte’s statement look, where she claims there isn’t too much skin showed because the coat is covering it. Alright, we won’t comment on that! However, we must comment on the fluffy bags, which she pairs with other fluffy stuff. It’s alright to own one piece with such a strong statement but having the same statement piece in 3 different colours when really the same one would suit every single outfit, seems to be a bit over the top. Frankly speaking, it looks tacky.


Fluffy skirt, fluffy shoes and even a fluffy dress with a fluffy coat on top! It doesn’t seem like this girl has a single look without at least one fluffy item! And while it could be considered her way to be different from the crowd, she mustn’t forget that she is not a bunny! (Although with this skirts length the only bunny she could be is the PlayBoy bunny.)

Going back to Charlotte’s last blog post, she states that her outfit is appropriate and stylish because she has got over 1000 likes on Instagram! Why waste your money on Vogue when it seems all you need is Instagram? Dear Charlotte Fisher, too much fluff doesn’t make you cute. Too much attitude doesn’t make you stylish. Too much of anything simply makes you tacky!

P.S. We don’t think we’ve ever used the word fluffy so many times before. Sorry about that.

Best wishes,

The Rude Minds

Dear Charlotte Fisher,