Mini bags

Hi haters,

This glorious day, we, are posting our first blog post, full of fair criticism and just a tiny bit of cynicism. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

The topic was inspired by one of ours Christmas present, which was a mini bag from an expensive brand. Mini bags seem to be the new trend, mainly introduced by famous ¬†fashion bloggers but widely adapted by the masses. Our question here is – is it a trend or simply a way to have a fancy bag for a price of a wallet? Let’s be straight forward, this ain’t a clutch (and even those are bigger!), it’s definitely a bag but the kind which you can’t fit your wallet in. It’s the kind of bag which requires you to carry another, bigger bag.


These are the examples of some bloggers, who decided that this trend must go viral. A blogger Gala Gonzalez, who has more than 30 000 followers, seems to have seriously fallen for these tiny disasters. She has plenty of looks on her blog, featuring different colours, styles and brands. Moreover, she also decided to use a an iPhone case as a bag! Who carries your money, Gala?

Stay unfashionable,

The Rude Minds


Mini bags